Megan Pazdera

I have been an athlete my entire life and played basketball collegiately. However, I was overweight and more importantly uncomfortable in my body and lacked self-esteem.

After starting my personal journey to improve my fitness and nutrition habits 7 years ago, I found my passion for helping others do the same. I became a NASM certified personal trainer to help me create effective and personalized workout programs for my clients goals. Additionally, I became a Level 1 certified Precision Nutrition coach in order to help my clients create behavior changes in how they approach food to fuel their workouts and everyday life.

I specialize in functional strength training, interval training, and nutritional habit change. What I love most is seeing my clients gain confidence in their movements, in their improved strength, in themselves as they finish each workout and as they make living healthy a lifestyle.

You will also see me teaching our group classes here. I love the community and diversity of our group classes! Everyone is at different levels of their fitness, but all very encouraging and motivating to each other. I keep class fun, but challenging with energy and enthusiasm to help you give your 100% in class!

I can't wait to sweat with you and help you gain confidence!

- Megan