Eva Pazdera

I happened to fall into personal training as a profession accidentally, but it quickly became my true career. I have been a personal trainer since 2006 and hold a NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist certification. I am also a certified athletic trainer and have worked with athletes at multiple levels on injury prevention and recovery. My personal training specialty is injured clients. Whether that be people just finishing physical therapy for a specific injury, someone with a chronic pain or injury like back pain or a stroke to also people interested in preventing musculoskeletal surgeries such as joint replacements.

The reason I enjoy personal training is because of the people. For a client to see changes in their body and reach a new goal they have to get uncomfortable and into a vulnerable place. This builds a relationship between trainer and client that is necessary for that to occur. I am a people person with a passion for educating so I love being able to bring my clients to that place where the results are inevitable. 

If you train with me, your exercises will be specific and designed to build you to your goals. You will need to get uncomfy and be vulnerable, but you will never regret it. Let's improve your fitness together!